Grief Support for Siblings

When a child has died, siblings are often referred to as “the forgotten mourners.” While parents usually receive most of the support of relatives and friends, siblings generally receive little – often being asked “How are your parents doing?” The Compassionate Friends is an organization that is not just for bereaved parents. It’s also for bereaved siblings (and grandparents). Some chapters have sibling subgroups (which welcome siblings age 14 and up) while adult siblings are welcome at all TCF chapter meetings. Contact your local chapter to find out their policies on siblings attending meetings.

DID YOU KNOW?…We have a closed (private) TCF Facebook page for sibling loss. Siblings are the ONLY ones who are allowed to join this page. It is called “Sounds of the Siblings” and I understand it is well received group. You will apply and be asked a question from the administrators, Keith and Tracy, and then approved. Here is the link:

Also, we invite you to contact our National Office at 877-969-0010 and request a customized bereavement packet assembled just for you. There is no charge. They will also be happy to give you a referral to your nearest TCF chapter so you can attend when you feel ready.